Call for Papers



The Best selected papers will be published on a Greener Aviation special issue of the CEAS Aeronautical Journal



Authors were welcome to submit abstracts on the following topics:

Tools, modeling, measurement techniques
> Acoustic liners
> Active systems for cabin noise reduction
> Low noise design – Engines and propellers – Landing gear – High lift systems
> Airframe design
> Innovative heat exchanger design
> Electrical generation/storage/distribution
> Ice Detection & Protection systems
> Landing system                                                                                                                                                                                                                               > Energy recovery & harvesting
> Environmental control systems
> Actuators
> Asssessment tools
> Materials & processes:
– Raw materials spare
– Low energy consumption
– REACH compliance
– Noxious effluent minimization
– Green repair and maintenance
– Recycling ability                                                                                                                                                                                                                               – Biomaterials
> Engines:
– Open rotor
– Geared turbofan
– Ultra high bypass ratio turbofan
– Turbopropulsors
– Turboshaft engines
– High OPR engines
> Sub sytems:
– Combustion chamber
– Compressor
– Turbine
– Intake and exhaust
– Frames and casings
– Other
> Flight Management System & Avionics
> Cockpit
– Reduction of pilot workload
– Mission management
– Human factors
> Trajectory management and interface with ATM
> Ground operations & Airport logistics
> Maintenance
> Climate change
> Air quality
> Noise
> Tools
> Open rotor
> Distributed propulsion
> Disruptive configurations
> Hybrid propulsion
> Electric propulsion
> Aerodynamics:
– Laminar flow wings, airfoils
– Drag reduction of airframe, nacelles and dynamic systems (rotorcrafts)
– Active and passive flow control
– Innovative control surfaces
> Structures:
– Airframe structures
– Load control and alleviation
– Structural health monitoring

 >> Informations to the authors


All presentations should not exceed 25 minutes, including 5 minutes for any questions the audience might have.

Your communication will be published in the conference proceedings, an electronic support that will be distributed to all participants after the conference.

Please find enclosed the instructions to be followed for the layout of your final paper.
GA 2016 Paper instructions

Furthermore, if you need a Public Release Authorisation Form (PRA) for your paper to be published, please fill-in and return the form attached which certifies that the author’s paper is unclassified and suitable for public release.
PRA form

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All papers should be uploaded on the system by 23rd September 2016.

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>> Notification of acceptance/refusal

The Programme Committee will notify all authors of its decision before July, 30, 2016.
This notification will be accompanied by detailed instructions allowing authors to prepare and send their paper to the 3AF Secretary by September, 23, 2016.

>> Conference Schedule

26 February 2016………… Call for paper / Abstract submission procedure

05 July 2016……………… Deadline for submission / Opening online registration

30 July 2016……………….. Notification to authors / Preliminary program available

23 Sept. 2016………………. Deadline for full papers

11-13 Oct. 2016…………… GREENER AVIATION 2016