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Following the success of its  first edition in March 2014, 3AF organizes the second Greener Aviation conference in Brussels, on October 11th to 13th, 2016.
Clean Sky is the largest aeronautical research programme in Europe and addresses ambitious environmental objectives through the integration of technologies in specifc demonstrators. All sectors of aeronautics are concerned.
The second phase programme will be completed before end 2017 when all demonstrators will have been tested and an extension to the research programme up to 2025 is currently under discussion within the
European programme horizon 2020. Therefore very important technical results are available now and the purpose of this conference is to display and discuss these achievements with experts of all disciplines as well as presenting other similar worldwide programmes underway in other countries.
The programme of the conference will run over 3 days and comprise plenary as well as technical sessions, round tables and debates.

We all look forward to a very stimulating event and to welcoming you to this second edition of “Greener Aviation: Achievements and perspectives, in Clean Sky and worldwide”.

Important information

Visa requirements

Spain is part of the Schengen Area.

For the persons who live out of the Schengen Area, a valid passport must be presented.


Spain’s currency is Euro. Abbreviation: EUR

Banknote denominations: 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 and 500 Euros
Coins: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 Cents, 1 and 2 Euros

Foreign currencies may be exchanged at banks or authorized exchange offices. International airports and larger hotels also offer currency exchange services.

Major credit cards including American Express, Mastercard and Visa are accepted in large hotels, car rental companies and stores in the main cities.

Transport in Barcelona

Barcelona’s public transportation network includes: bus, tram and metro. Tickets must be purchased beforehand and validated upon boarding. Travelers may be asked to show the validated ticket during the trip.

Tickets or passes can be purchased at TBM distributors.

To find your best options for point to point public transportation or to locate a street in Barcelona please check


Taxis are an affordable alternative to public transport. A 15 minutes journey will only cost about €10.00. Licensed Taxis have to charge you the amount displayed on the meter. Rates will be displayed inside the cab.

Tipping is welcomed but not required. If you wish to give a tip give 5 to 10% of the taxi fare.

Official Barcelona Taxis are yellow and black and a green illuminated light on the top of the Taxi indicates that it’s available for hire.

If you’re attempting to get around in the very heart of the city a taxi may not be the best choice. Most of the city centre is pedestrianized and the roads that go through the centre can be quite small and congested. In such circumstances you have two main options, the Barcelona transport system (metro and buses) or walking.


Barcelona enjoys warm humid Mediterranean weather, so visitors can enjoy the sun regardless of the time of year, and relish in the warm welcoming climate. Temperatures are warm in the summer and mild in the winter and during the day there is very little variation in temperature.

Average temperatures (Celsius)
Month Average
June 21°C / 70°F


Other information to note

Barcelona Turisme

Passatge de la Concepció, 7-9
08008 Barcelona
Tel. 932 853 834

Having adequate travel medical insurance is always a good idea when traveling abroad.

Barcelona is safe and hospitable. Violent crime against visitors is almost non-existent.


From the airport: Barcelona Airport El Prat (11 km)

  • By car/taxi: Coming out of the airport take the B-17, in the direction of Barcelona (5 kilometers), follow the signs for B-20, Ronda de Dalt (blue). Once you are on the B-20, continue straight on until you see the exit sign for “salida” 11 (Les Corts – Zona Universitaria). From this point on you can see the hotel. Continue for 200 meters on the right hand side of the Avenida Diagonal and take the second street to the right that leads you directly to the Hotel. (Overall duration of trip: approximately 15 minutes.)
  • By train/metro: The train station is located just next to the Airport. Take the train as far as Sants Estació, the city’s main train station. Once you arrive, take the subway train (Metro), Line 3 (green line) and get off at the Zona Universitaria stop (2 minutes walking distance from the Hotel). (Overall duration of trip: approximately 40 minutes.)
  • By Aerobus: The aerobus, express airport bus service, links the airport with the main areas of interest in the city. The terminal for the Aerobus is just in front of airport itself and it stops at every terminal. In order to get to the Hotel you must get off at the Plaza España stop (first stop within the city). Take the subway Line 3 from here (red line) and get off at the Zona Universitaria station (2 minutes walk from the Hotel). (Overall duration of trip: approximately 35 minutes.)
  • By limousine: Limousine service from Airport on request (85 € + VAT)


  • 20 minutes from the heart of the city.
  • 10 kilometers from the airport (15 minutes by car)
  • 2 minutes walk to the nearest subway station (Line 3, green), bus and tram.
  • 3 kilometers from the city’s main train station.
  • 5 minutes by car from the FC Barcelona Camp Nou.


Conference Partners :

cleansky ok3



Rolls Royce



Major Scientific  Contributors :

safran  airbus   onera


Support the international conference on Greener Aviation: Achievements and perspectives, in Clean Sky and worldwide and promote your organization to a high level audience.

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Events manager

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To register please click here : Greener Aviation 2016 Registrations

Should you have any registration problems please do not hesitate to contact us by email :

Event details

 Cancellation will only be accepted up to 15 days prior to the conference and must be in writing. At less than 15 days from the conference 600.00 € cancellation fee will apply for Delegate, Speaker/Chairman and 3AF Member special rates. Participants whom do not cancel before the start of the conference (11 October 2016) will be liable to the full registration fees.

All participants including Chairmen and Speakers are required to register and settle registration fees prior to the conference.

 Registration fees

Registration fees are not subject to VAT
3AF Members € 800.00
Speaker / Chairman € 660.00
Participant € 890.00
PhD Student / Academics Please contact us



Participants who need accommodation have to book it themselves.

Special negociated rates are on process in several hotels and will be available soon:

Warwick 5*

Adresse : Rue Duquesnoy 5, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgique
Téléphone : +32 2 505 55 55
Hilton 4* sup.
Adresse : Carrefour de l’Europe 3, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgique

Téléphone : +32 2 548 42 11

Greener Aviation Hilton  special booking link : click here

NH Hôtel 4*
Adresse : 4, Bodenbroekstraat 2, 1000 Brussels, Belgique
Téléphone : +32 2 518 11 00
 Greener Aviation special booking form : Res. Form Greener aviation

Ibis 3* :

Adresse : Grasmarkt 100, Rue du Marché aux Herbes 100, 1000 Brussels, Belgique
Téléphone : +32 2 620 04 27

Greener Aviation special booking form : 11-10 GREENER AVIATION 2016 RS


Call for Papers



The Best selected papers will be published on a Greener Aviation special issue of the CEAS Aeronautical Journal



Authors were welcome to submit abstracts on the following topics:

Tools, modeling, measurement techniques
> Acoustic liners
> Active systems for cabin noise reduction
> Low noise design – Engines and propellers – Landing gear – High lift systems
> Airframe design
> Innovative heat exchanger design
> Electrical generation/storage/distribution
> Ice Detection & Protection systems
> Landing system                                                                                                                                                                                                                               > Energy recovery & harvesting
> Environmental control systems
> Actuators
> Asssessment tools
> Materials & processes:
– Raw materials spare
– Low energy consumption
– REACH compliance
– Noxious effluent minimization
– Green repair and maintenance
– Recycling ability                                                                                                                                                                                                                               – Biomaterials
> Engines:
– Open rotor
– Geared turbofan
– Ultra high bypass ratio turbofan
– Turbopropulsors
– Turboshaft engines
– High OPR engines
> Sub sytems:
– Combustion chamber
– Compressor
– Turbine
– Intake and exhaust
– Frames and casings
– Other
> Flight Management System & Avionics
> Cockpit
– Reduction of pilot workload
– Mission management
– Human factors
> Trajectory management and interface with ATM
> Ground operations & Airport logistics
> Maintenance
> Climate change
> Air quality
> Noise
> Tools
> Open rotor
> Distributed propulsion
> Disruptive configurations
> Hybrid propulsion
> Electric propulsion
> Aerodynamics:
– Laminar flow wings, airfoils
– Drag reduction of airframe, nacelles and dynamic systems (rotorcrafts)
– Active and passive flow control
– Innovative control surfaces
> Structures:
– Airframe structures
– Load control and alleviation
– Structural health monitoring

 >> Informations to the authors


All presentations should not exceed 25 minutes, including 5 minutes for any questions the audience might have.

Your communication will be published in the conference proceedings, an electronic support that will be distributed to all participants after the conference.

Please find enclosed the instructions to be followed for the layout of your final paper.
GA 2016 Paper instructions

Furthermore, if you need a Public Release Authorisation Form (PRA) for your paper to be published, please fill-in and return the form attached which certifies that the author’s paper is unclassified and suitable for public release.
PRA form

You can upload your full paper by opening the following link and enter your unique user ID and password indicated below:

All papers should be uploaded on the system by 23rd September 2016.

If any difficulty uploading your text, please send it by email to

As 3AF is a nonprofit organization, in order to attend the conference each participant will need to be registered. You can register through the website: For any help or additional information, please do not hesitate to contact

>> Notification of acceptance/refusal

The Programme Committee will notify all authors of its decision before July, 30, 2016.
This notification will be accompanied by detailed instructions allowing authors to prepare and send their paper to the 3AF Secretary by September, 23, 2016.

>> Conference Schedule

26 February 2016………… Call for paper / Abstract submission procedure

05 July 2016……………… Deadline for submission / Opening online registration

30 July 2016……………….. Notification to authors / Preliminary program available

23 Sept. 2016………………. Deadline for full papers

11-13 Oct. 2016…………… GREENER AVIATION 2016